Friday, August 13, 2010

Mod Podged mason jars

I have a decorating blog addiction. There, I said it. The good thing about this addiction is I find all sorts of ways to make our living spaces more "me"(I guess I should say "us" but Micah doesn't really care). I found this great, fabulous, awesome, cool idea at The Hand Me Down House and knew right away that the mod podged mason jars would make wicked awesome hanging lanterns for our back patio area.

Of course I neglected to take pictures while I was putting my mod podge on the jars, but here they are drying in my(disgustingly dirty) oven.

When they are done I will wrap some wire around the tops and drop some tea lights in them. They will be so pretty lit at dusk :)

Ciao Bella!


  1. Love. Were these clear jars?
    I'm afraid to alter my blue ones.

    Somewhere to hang from would be nice too :)

  2. Nice! Like the color choices too. It will be nice to see them all lit up! I'm assuming you'll share those pictures too right?

  3. Brandy, they were clear. I mixed food coloring into the Mod Podge and then applied it to the jars w/ a foam brush then "stippled" it with a paper towel. Super easy and fast with a great result.