Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just a quick PSA for my mommy friends :)

I've unfortunately been inundated with visions of improperly tightened or restrained children in car safety seats. I just want to show a couple pictures of what should and should not be done with car seat harness straps. It's something I am very vigilant about with our girls since they are absolutely the most precious thing in the world in my life.

Without further adieu-

What NOT to do-

Car seat straps should NEVER dangle off the shoulders, and the chest plate should never be below armpit level.

(please don't pay attention to the date stamp, it's totally wrong)

Straps should look like this-

Straps should fit snuggly over the shoulders, with the chest plate aligned at the armpits. You should not be able to fit more then two fingers comfortably under the chest plate, nor should you be able to pinch the straps. If you can pinch them, then they are much to loose.


Also, proper strap height-

For forward facing(which is the arrangement I used for these pictures, although the seat is not actually installed) the straps should be AT or ABOVE the shoulders.

For rearfacing(which both of my girls are), the straps should be AT or BELOW the shoulders.

Be blessed ya'll!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A little late but... the best of 2010

It's been a crazy year since I went back to school and we moved all at the same time. It still seems to have been a rather productive time, though judging by the projects I got done :)

This is the picnic table I built Gabby for her 3rd birthday. It has been a HUGE hit with the kids. It has just enough room for the oldest 5 cousins to all sit together for meals.

I built this bench right before we moved into the house, it now resides in our bathroom. I like to store our towels rolled up on the bottom shelf.

A headboard for our bedroom. Although I have since decided I don't like it so the wood will be re-purposed for Gabby's headboard.

I painted the living/dining room and added chair rail. I am totally thrilled with how this turned out. Oh, and not in the picture is the molding I framed the window with, it looks SO much better.

Our Master bedroom also got a makeover... The paint color is now a couple shades darker and we have CURTAINS :)

Our main floor bathroom got a new paint job, shower curtain, light fixture, decorations, AND... I removed the carpet.

But of course, the ABSOLUTE BEST of 2010 is my darling Emilia :)