Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yet another new blog....

So, this is like my third blog. Everytime I start one I promise myself that I will write at least once a week, but really, that just isn't me. So this blog will be more a chronicle of my latest hobby- thrift shopping and redoing furniture to make our home more of a home. I'm always on a budget(and I'm just plain old cheap) but it doesn't mean that our home has to look all mismatched and slopped together. There is such a thing as eclectic chic ;)

I love finding items with good bones and building on them, or refinishing to make them lovely.

For example, this lamp was a $2 thrift store find. It has a great shape but brass is so not my thing. Never fear, it's nothing a bit of spray paint and a great shade can't fix!



Now, I'm off to fold some laundry and then off to Lowe's for a shelf for a $2 "This End Up" shelf that I picked up on Thursday.