Thursday, August 12, 2010

Making our House a Home- Master Bedroom

We close on our new house in exactly 14 days, so, on Aug 26th we'll get the keys and then the real party can begin :)

This afternoon the fabric samples that I ordered came in the mail and they are *perfect*. I mean seriously, absolutely *perfect*.

And this one-
They are slightly different in color when you see them in person and I like them even better in natural sunlight.

I'm imagining the birds on a pair of accent chairs like this, which should be fairly straight forward to reupholster. Or maybe something like this-

I'm going to pick up the wood to make this headboard this weekend, once we're settled in then I'll make the rails as well.

I'm envisioning all white bedding with accent pillows made from the two different fabrics. The walls in the room will be painted the robin's egg blue color from the fabric. I can't decide if I want to paint all the walls that color, or if I want to do one big accent wall in the blue and the other 3 walls in the taupe color?

I have some other ideas floating around as well for things like night tables and decorative accents but I don't really see much point in posting pictures of ALL of them :) You'll get to see the finished project anyway.

Ciao bella!


  1. So exciting!!

    Because of the all white bedding with the accent colour pillows, and the fabrics, I think I would stick with all blue walls. I normally really like the accent wall idea, but for some reason I'm thinking this would work better.

  2. the birds one is gorgeous! I am so excited for you that you get to decorate your new house!